Check Before you Buy!

It is important to keep in mind not every neighbourhood is the same covenants; not every condominium complex has the same Bylaws/Rules.

Before you begin your quest to find the next home or condominium, some research should be done before heading out. A good idea is to get copy of the Restrictive covenants for the neighbourhood you  desire. There could be restrictions such as no fences, no satellite dishes, required light fixtures on the lawn, and no tree removal and so on,this  may affect your future plans.

Depending on the age of the subdivision the neighbourhood owners may have a copy of the Restrictive Covenants or take a trip down to City Hall.

When purchasing a condominium, you do have the opportunity to include a condition of Review of the Status Certificate with your lawyer. in short, among the Documents included with the Status Certificate  are regulations and Bylaws. This will let you know if pets are allowed and other restrictions/ uses. If the Status certificate review is not to your satisfaction and  cannot be resolved you may sign a Mutual Release.

If you have any questions or would like more information on Restrictive covenants or Condominium bylaws, send me a email.