Don’t “Fall” Behind

As we go into Autumn, time has come to Follow the agenda for maintenance inside and  around the Home and property.

Preparation for Winter, before it’s upon Us is important to schedule every year:

Driveway Diligence – Fix any cracks or gaps you see in the driveway.

Furnace Checkup – Inspect your furnace filter and schedule a furnace tune-up.

Roofing Repair – Check your roof for leaks and damaged shingles.

Clearing a Clog – Clean leaves from gutters and test downspouts with a hose.

Chimney Sweep – Inspect your chimney for obstructions such as bird’s nests.

Winter Cold Preparation – Check the weatherstripping on your windows and doors.

No Uninvited Guests – Check your home’s exterior for any holes that rodents could use to gain entry.

Around the Foundation  – Ensure water doesn’t pool around your home as it can cause flooding and damage your foundation.

Working the Land – Rake up leaves and aerate/fertilize your lawn.

Check the Detectors – Test and clean your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.