Realistic Expectations

Perhaps the time has come , and you are contemplating on a move from your present home. Perhaps your first thought is, what is my home worth? Or you may have a Price in mind. First step is to get the facts. A  experienced Realtor can provide you along with a marketing plan , a  Residential Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Based on 3 categories  of homes  ; Recent sales (last 3 months), Homes for Sale now, and Expired homes (failed to sell). All 3 categories use homes similar to yours, The Subject Property.

 Based on reviewing the Data, a Current Sales Price  range can be concluded from the CMA. Thereby   Realtistic Expectations can be realized, which maybe higher or lower than than your anticipated value . It is important to review the CMA with the Realtor to satisfy any questions you may have. Putting your home on the market without organized preparation can lead to months of disappoint.

 The same process is done when a Buyer is preparing to make a offer on a home, the Realtor will provided a CMA to provide Realistic Expectations on current market value to give the Buyer a idea where to negotiate.

This blog is does not into great detail as it could go on  for pages;Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.